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All groups and workshops are available for both residents and non-residents (NR). Warren Township residents are welcome to apply for Needs-Based Scholarship if unable to afford the full fee. The group therapist may request a pre-interview prior to the start of the group and the family will be contacted in these cases. Please feel free to contact our office if you have specific questions about the group. All groups and workshops are held at Youth Services, 100 S. Greenleaf St, Gurnee, IL 60031 unless specified otherwise.
REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Need-based scholarships available for Township residents—847-244-1101 ext. *401. Some groups may require a pre-interview    .
Hard Copy registrations forms are available if needed. Please go to Registration Form.
 FRIENDSHIP GROUP— Social skills for youth                      
This popular group addresses the needs of children who wish to improve and develop their skills at making friends and communicating. In a fun and interactive environment, the children develop such skills as listening, conversing, compliments and introductions. This group is ideal for children who struggle with making friends or maintaining those relationships. Pre-interview may be requested.

Grades: 3-5 Day: W Starts: 2/21-4/18 Time: 5-6 Weeks: 8

Fee: $15R/$80 NR
Grades: 6-8 Day: W Dates: 2/21-4/18 Time: 6-7 Weeks: 8

Fee: $15R/$80 NR
Location: Youth Services, 100 S. Greenleaf St., Gurnee

7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE TEENS— Skills for a lifetime of achievement
In a fun and interactive program, youth will be introduced to and challenged by the 7 Habits (Covey). This group is great for kids who are highly motivated or those with unlocked potential. The Certificate looks great on college/job applications. The staff have reworked the program to make it more engaging and shorter in length.

Grades: 6-8    Day: Th  Date: TBA    Time: 6-7:30 pm  Weeks:
Fee: $10/$25 NR  Location: Gurnee Teen Center, 17801 W. Washington St., Gurnee.

PRIDE YOUTH PROGRAM— For LGBT youth                               
Professional staff and volunteers from Angles, formerly North Shore Youth Health Services, facilitate an open support group at Youth Services. This is a support group, not therapy.  
Location: Grayslake Library  Check website for more info
MINDFULNESS-BASED STRESS REDUCTION FOR TEENS (MBSR-T)-- An evidence-based program    An Evidence-Based Group
It’s a high-stress and demanding life for teens today– many feel irritable, angry and out of control. MBSR-T is an evidence-based program that helps teens learn to shift their thinking from an impulsive reaction to stress to a more helpful and mindful response. Teens can have difficulties in some key areas: perceptions and appraisals of stress, emotion-regulation, meta-cognitions, feelings of being out of or lacking control, attachment or pushing away pain and suffering and attention and focus. The skills learned in this group guide them when they feel emotionally overwhelmed, anxious, stressed and depressed to face challenges  through the lens of mindfulness.  The MBSR-T program has the potential to shift and improve these areas in a teen’s life and as a natural outcome improve one’s quality of living. 

This group will meet on a weekly basis (8 weeks) for an hour and half where teens will be able to gain education as well as demonstrate their knowledge by doing experiential activities both in and out of group. This group is good for those currently working with an individual therapist or those who are not involved in related services. All clients will meet with a therapist for a brief assessment or direct referral from a therapist. The group will be facilitated  Barb Adams, MA, CADC at 847-244--1101 ext.*408.

Grades: 9-12    Da
y: M  Date: 2/19-4/16   Time: 6:30-8:00 pm  Weeks: 8
Fee: $25/$85NR Location: Youth Services


MOVING FORWARD— Movement-based group to manage impulsivity and attention
Moving Forward is a movement based group designed to include the body
in the therapeutic process while addressing the symptoms of ADD and
ADHD. We will use age appropriate movement games and mindfulness
activities, such as red light green light or progressive muscular relaxation to
engage the body/mind connection in increasing attention, modulating
energy, and decreasing impulsivity. Each week students will create a tool
that they can carry with them in their pocket with instructions on how to
apply the techniques learned in Moving Forward to their everyday life.
These will include tools to engage their natural relaxation response,
increase body awareness, focus and attention while in a classroom, activity
or at home. Students will also better understand the role their body plays in
their expression of symptoms with ADD and ADHD and how to engage
these tools to better move forward through their life.
Moving Forward is lead by Becky De Rosa, MA, LPC, GL-CMA, R-DMT.
Becky is trained as a dance/movement therapist, Laban movement analyst,
mindfulness, yoga and dance instructor. She has created non-traditional
movement groups to serve youth and adults in Lake County and as a
parent has been taught the most valuable lessons of empathy and
understanding when working with youth through movement.
Grades: 3-5 Day: Th Starts: 3/1-4/12 Time: 5-6 Weeks: 6 Fee: $15R/$50 NR
Grades: 6-8 Day: Th Dates: 3/1-4/12 Time: 6-7 Weeks: 6 Fee: $15R/$50 NR
Location: Youth Services

No groups during Spring Break, 2018.





Students will be introduced to skills and concepts regarding learning styles, note taking, study skills
for test taking strategies, project planning and time-management..

Class Schedule. Each class can stand alone and students can choose to attend all or some:
Week 1 (2/3): Learning Styles (Inventory and Tips) and Reading for Speed
Week 2 (2/17): Note Taking, Study Skills and Goal Setting
Week 3 (2/24): Test-Taking
Week 4 (3/3): Project Planning/Time Management
For a detailed description of each week, click Skills Agenda.

Debra Zegar, instructor, holds a Master’s of Science degree in Education from NIU, a Bachelor of Science degree from SIU, is STAR (Student Achievement in Reading) and TEL (Teaching English Language Learners) certified, and has 20 years of teaching experience; teaching academic enrichment programming including Test-Taking, Power Planning, Speed Reading, Study Skills, and ACT prep for Middle School and High School offerings at the College of Lake County.

Grades: 6-8   Day: S  Time: 9:30 am -11:30 am              Fee: $40/$40 NR
Grades: 9-12  Day: S  Time: 12:30 - 2:30 pm
Fee: $40/$40 NR

This class is only for students and not for parents.

Learn how to manage impulsivity and energy through movement in the Moving Foward group.

Experiential programs help children develop specific coping skills or new experiences. The focus is not recreational (although hopefully they have fun) but real life learning. Because of the potential of injury and importance of group cohesion, the client must have the ability to activily participate in the activities and manage their behavior. These programs are often effective for youth in therapy, but may be beneficial to those not currently receiving other services. If you have any questions about the programs or if you child is an appropriate match, please contact Katy Padula, LCSW, at 847-244-1101 Ext. *410.

Equestrian Programs

Equestrian Program  -- 2018 Schedule

The staff at Youth Services are happy to announce the start of a new experiential program being offered to youth in our counseling services and teen centers.  This program will be facilitated by Katy Padula, LCSW and Youth Services staff.  The goal of the Experiential Therapy Program is to provide a safe fun environment to promote skills needed to foster individual coping, problem-solving, and personal leadership, through unique interactive activities.  Because horses are large, powerful animals, they can be particularly useful in representing big, life challenges and for helping people build confidence or overcome fears.  Youth will engage in mounted activity on horseback and grooming, while learning to better communicate, problem-solve and accomplish goals.  Youth will also learn relaxation and mindfulness skills by participating in Yoga and each day will end with processing their day. 

This activity will take place and be facilitated by the staff at Equestrian Connection in Lake Forest, with the assistance and participation of Youth Services clinical staff. Warren Township staff will transport and drop off at Warren Township Gurnee Teen Center, 17801 W. Washington St., Gurnee, IL 60031.

Two Session, with Two Focuses:

Freedom Riders Group, July 10 - August 14: During this 6 week program participants will learn about themselves and other through horses.  By engaging in mounted and non-mounted activities with the horse and discussing feelings, behaviors, and patterns.  This program is ideal for individuals who wish to better assert themselves, build confidence, learn to work cooperatively with peers and expand their social skills.  This activity is limited to 8 youth.                                      
Grades: 6-9 (school year 2018-19)  Day: Tuesdays  Time: 5:15 pm -- 8:15 pm    Registration Due: 6/15/18
Fee: $110.00 (Scholarships may be available to Township residents based on financial need)/ Non Resident $145.00

Call Katy Padula for information and reigstration at 847-244-1101 ext. *410. Katy will provide a brief screening to help determine if the program is the correct fit for the child's needs. Parents will be provided an intake form only after first speaking to Katy.

Horses for Healing Group, Fall 2018 TBD: This program is largely focused on children who have experienced trauma or loss. During this 8 week program participants will learn about themselves and other through horses.  By engaging in mounted and non-mounted activities with the horse and discussing feelings, behaviors, and patterns.  Participants will learn to overcome fear and build confidence.  Horses can teach self-awareness, honest communication, trust, healthy boundaries, leadership, patience, assertiveness, play, affection, nurturance and more.  They have the ability to mirror human body language and provide us with metapohors and lessons about ourselves to help facilitate change.  This program is ideal for individuals experiencing grief/loss, parental divorce, and T/trauma.  This activity is limited to 8 participants.                                          
Grades: 8-12 (school year 2018-19)    Day: Tuesdays  Time: 5:15 pm -- 8:15 pm Registration Due:  TBD

Fee: $145.00 (Scholarships may be available to Township residents based on financial need)/ Non Resident $180.00
Call Katy Padula for information and reigstration at 847-244-1101 ext. *410. Katy will provide a brief screening to help determine if the program is the correct fit for the child's needs. Parents will be provided an intake form only after first speaking to Katy.

Registration and Activity Information
All registrations will be reviewed and assessed to determine if appropriate for the program. Based on therapists discretion, priority is given based on clinical needs.

Fee: See individual programs above
Time: Gurnee Teen Center at 5:15 pm and return by 8:15 pm (return time may vary depending traffic and other variables)
Where: Participants will start and end day at Gurnee Teen Center. Youth Services will take care of all transportation to and from the activities.  
Snacks: Participants are encouraged to bring snacks and something to drink.
Required Clothing: Participants must wear long pants and closed toe shoes.  Please bring bug spray and sun screen if needed. 

Questions: Katy Padula at 847-244-1101 ext. *410

Challenge Course 

Summer of 2018

Challenge Course
Helps children learn to overcome fear and how to work as part of a team. This is an ideal program for children who may be timid and uncertain about trying new things, or struggles with mild anxiety.  These are some of the benefits of this program:
• Increased self-confidence
• Improved problem-solving abilities
• Effective communication skills
• Cooperation for effective teamwork
• Awareness of strengths and limitations
• Trust in yourself and others
• Coping skills for handling anxiety

In partnership with the Youth Services masters level clinical staff, the Team Challenge Course is facilitated by Northbrook Park District staff. The program is held at Meadowhill Park in Northbrook, IL.

Group --  Grades: entering 6-9   Day: W & F    Date: July 18 & 20    Time: 8 am - 1:45 pm   Weeks: 1     Fee: $50

Needs-based scholarships available for Township residents only.

Activity Information
Your child will engage in 8 hours of Teams Challenge Course activities over 2 days.  This unique Team Challenge Course will progressively increase in difficulty.  In order to maximize group cohesion and success over challenges youth must be able to participate in all 2 days.  The day will begin and end at the Gurnee Teen Center, where they will be transported to the Northbrook Park District in a Township vehicle.

Children who register for this program must be able to manage their behavior and be engaged in the activity. Any participant who is unable to manage their behavior and effectively participate may be removed from the program. Group cohesion and safety are essential, and behaviors that distract or take away from the experience are contraindicated.

Where: Participants will start and end day at Gurnee Teen Center. Youth Services will take care of all transportation to and from the activities. 
Lunch/Snacks: We will provide a cooler and ask that children be sent with a lunch, any snacks and beverages.
Weather: While it’s our preference to do the activities outside, much of the program will be shifted indoors in case of inclement weather.

Registration Due Dates:
  • May 29 (Groups 1 and 2)
  • July 10 (Group 3)

This is limited to only 12 youth per session.

Registration Information

1. To register you child and immediatly reserve their spot, please click the Registration button below.
2. Your child's registration will not be completed until we receive the following waiver in addition to the online registration.  Please print the waiver, sign and send as an attachment to To print the waiver, click   Northbrook Waiver (click) .

If you are not able to complete the online registration, please print the hard copy registgration and return with a check to Warren Township Youth Services, 100 S. Greenleaf St., Gurnee, IL. This method may not guarantee your spot if the program fills before we receive your application. Print Challenge Course Registration packet (click) .