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Next Dance is March 15

Noche de viernes alternativa







FNA is...
Warren Township Youth and Family Services sponsors the Friday Night Alternative dances for middle school students in Warren Township (grades 6th—8th). During the school year, these students are provided a safe environment that includes  basketball, dancing with a D.J., special event activities and pizza/beverages supplied by the members of the Park City Teen Center (food items are provided for a fee).
“FNA is a parent supported event” 
Who: Warren Township youth who are entering 6th, 7th and 8th grades
Where is the Event: Woodland Middle School (7000 W. Washington St., Gurnee)
Where is our Office: Youth Services, 100 S. Greenleaf St., Gurnee
When:  Friday—see dates
Time: 7:00-9:00 pm
Cost:  One time registration fee (see Registration)
Scholarships: Requests for an FNA needs-based fee waiver may be made by calling 847-244-1101 ext. *401. Parents will be asked to complete paperwork to have the fee reduced.
***All dates are subject to change/cancellation without refund.

Each dance requires a minimum of 20 volunteer parent-chaperones. The dance will be cancelled if 20 chaperones have not registered 4 days prior to that dance. Chaperones arrive at 6:30 pm for a brief orientation and are welcome to bring the students with (they will wait in a separate area). Please park on the west side of the Washington Street lot. We request that chaperones stay until 9:15-30 pm to help us with pick-up

Debe registrarse con anticipación
Nuevo Registro: Complete el registro de FNA en línea y los estudiantes entrarán al baile utilizando cualquiera
de estas 3 opciones: Boleto impreso, copia de PDF en el celular, copia del boleto con el número del código
de barras. Fácil, si no tiene acceso a internet comuníquese con nosotros al (847) 244-1101*401.

                                                                        2018-2019 DATES
  All dates are subject to change.
September 21st — Dance
October 26th — Dance   
November 9th — Dance
December — No scheduled event
January  — No scheduled event
February 8th — Dance
March 15th — Dance        
April 26th — Dance
May — No scheduled event

Dates are subject to change. There will be no refund for any portion of the registration fee if a dance is cancelled or a child dismissed. There are no rain dates for events. There will be no refund if we are unable to secure 6 dances and have less events.

​There are no longer FNA Cards to be purchased. All students will scanned in using the QR codes on the printed ticket. The ticket can also be saved on your cell phone or printed and reused.  

Why the change:
​1. Safety-- this allows us real time information on whose at the dance in case of an emergency.
​2. Simplicity-- no more cards to loose or wait for in the mail. You can reprint the PDF ticket if lost or save it onto your cell phone (we must be able to read the QR code with our scanners).
3. Conveniance-- you can register your child any time, any place you want. You no longer need to come to our office.


Online Registration is at the bottom of this page
Complete FNA Registration Online and enter the dance using any one of these 3 options:

(1) printed ticket
(2) PDF to your phone
(3) take a picture of the ticket including the QR code. EASY.

Per child-- $15.00 (this gets your child into all dances)
There is a $5.00 reduction for each child registered for parent(s) who agree to chaperone at least 2 dances (each child will only be $15.00). ++ All fee reductions end after the 3rd dance.
Print the
Parent Handbook any time

What do I do if I don't have a computer or credit card?

Parents are still welcome to come to our office at 100 S. Greenleaf St. to register if they face any limitations or challenges. We want all of the students who want to attend to be able to attend. Please contact our office if you face any challenges.

What if I don't have the money to pay for the FNA Ticket?
Contact our office and complete a needs-based scholarship form. Our office phone number is 847-244-1101 ext. *401. Form can be printed and filled out in advance of stopping by our office.

Questions: [email protected] or
847-244-1101 ext. *401.
 ++ Please take an educated guess on the months that are best for you. We may not have the dates confirmed and posted until mid-August.